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Worksite X:

A common theme with high performing & profitable companies is their relationship with their most value asset, their employees, or Human Capital.

Recruiting, Development, Retention, Benefits, Liabilities, Productivity, Profitability & Quality are all directly impacted by how Human Capital is managed.

Worksite X is a market leader in helping organizations increase efficiencies to control costs, optimize the investment in their Human Capital and make their company an employment destination. 

By the
$ 1
per employee savings

Average Worksite X client net yearly savings per employee

1 %
Client Retention

% of clients that Worksite X has retained over the past 12 months

$ 1
monthly income increase

Average monthly income increase for our client’s employees

1 %
of clients increase their bottom line

All of Worksite X employer clients increased their cash flow by becoming a client

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